About us

Michał Łebkowski Maximus Nieruchomości

My name is Michal Lebkowski and real estates is my passion. Searching for attractive properties in Krakow, fast selling real estates and above all satisfaction from the satisfaction of my clients is something that drives me to work even better.

Real estates in Krakow is a topic that I have been dealing with for years, but before 2018 I did only for my own needs. I am a businessman - I have set up several companies that no longer require my attentiveness and I started investing my time and money in real estates. I have completed many investments related to the purchase of real estate, sales, repairs, reconstructions, renting (both short-term and long-term), and also acknowledged almost all real estate agencies in Krakow. I made a lot of money, which cost me a lot of nerves, ups and downs. I could write a small book about it, but I decided to pass this knowledge in a different way. I decided to set up a real estate agency and let my clients who do not have experience in dealing with real estate sleep peacefully. I am professionally involved in:

- sale, purchase, lease of real estates

- servicing a long-term rental in the center of Krakow

- organizing and managing reconstruction works




Tel: +48 502 64 62 63

E-mail: biuro@maximus.nieruchomosci.pl

Adres: Kraków, Chodkiewicza 10/3