Why choose us?

Individual approach

There are no thousands of ads in MAXIMUS Nieruchomości and it will never be. When I have been dealing with real estate for years, I have met many real estate agencies. In many I met with a professional approach, but regarding half of them, I wondered why they existed. They do not know what they offer (and I am not surprised with several agents having thousand offers), they do not pay attention to important details (because it is only important to enter the basic parameters in the table), they do not call back (because they have too many phones and they are not able to), they are not active when collecting information about the property and during its presentation (considering that the presence in the apartment is enough work), they do not take good photos, they have no idea about construction law or procedures, they do not have any information for reliable and inexpensive architects, renovation teams, etc. I analyze the real estate agency market in Krakow. And many of these agencies no longer exist or are considering closing a business. When a person interested in buying or selling an apartment in Krakow goes to such an agency, I am not surprised that he will form a sentence "why I need such an agency at all". I approach each deal individually and with the greatest professionalism. Every customer is the most important for me. That is why in MAXIMUS Nieruchomości you can count on the best service. Tailored to expectations. With great support of knowledge and experience.



If you want to sell your property relatively quickly, you should invest in advertising (mainly on internet portals) on average around PLN 2,300. The property preparation service for the photo session (and the session itself plus photo processing) is on average around PLN 700. Employment copywriter, who will write an attractive description - 150 zlotys. A simple interior design in a specialized program - approx. PLN 350. That's about 4,000 zlotys that you have to spend on the start. Well, unless you use our services - then this cost is already in the price of the service.


First impression

I assume that the sale / purchase of real estate (including renting) starts from the first contact with it, i.e. from photos and description. Many photos in real estate offers on the market are made with a bad mobile phone, with poor lighting - without equipment or skills. The photos that are in my offer are made with a dedicated equipment and then retouched by a specialist with many years of experience. And the point is not to color the reality, but to show the property in the way it is. To emphasize its values. In addition to good photos, a description is also important to show the actual features of the flat, not just an impersonal list, from which many and nothing results. If anyone has said that the descriptions on maximus.nieruchomosci.pl are good and attractive, it is only because I have been running an advertising agency for 13 years, including copywriting. And previously a journalist in the largest Malopolska titles. I know how to write texts. Descriptions of apartments on maximus.nieruchomosci.pl are not made by accident.


What else can you expect?

- real estate checking

- post-trade service

- access to hot offers



I have always earned a lot on the purchase and sell of flats (even up to 100%!). This is a rare result. I see opportunities where others can not see them. I created a network of RockStar Apartment apartments, and earlier I co-founded one of the largest network of hostels in Europe. I completed over a dozen general renovations, planning and supervising every detail.

Many aquintances make it easier to operate in the real estate industry. I know not only the owners of companies dealing in buying / selling entire tenements in Krakow, but also good renovation teams, architects or interior decorators. What is worth emphasizing, as a trusted and constantly cooperating person, I get really great prices. And my clients get them.


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E-mail: biuro@maximus.nieruchomosci.pl

Adres: Kraków, Chodkiewicza 10/3